Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Big is ALWAYS better

So, I LOVE Chris Noth-- the love for him started when he was on Law&Order- as Detective Mike Logan-- I loved how crass and cynical he was. (And he was with Jerry Orbach and Jesse Martin which I did NOT hate either...)

And then he went away. AND THEN HE CAME BACK- even better as Mr. Big on Sex & The City-- life changing. I always liked him most- even over the sweet guys in Carrie's life- I ALWAYS wanted her to choose Big. So when she picked him- my life was complete.

And now he's back.
And the world is good again.
Love Chris!


Sasha said...

I know, there's just something about him. Mr. Big is just cool. Can't wait to see the movie next weekend.

Kate said...

I LOVE him. He was so good on Law and Order. Logan was definitely my favorite detective. I don't really watch him on L&O CI now unless it's a repeat.