Monday, April 28, 2008

weekend update

Friday night= Went to see the sister's last show at KMHS- she was the reindeer/slutty tiger EVER in The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. She was bummed about not having a bigger part, but she was in it a lot- but def part of the company. But her slutty tiger costume was awesome- she had freaky eye makeup and BIG 80s hair- loves it!

Saturday- Went a gave blood at a Red Cross Blood Drive. I used to give blood all the time- I have a fairly rare ype-- but I got out of the habit when I got out of college. I think I'm gonna try to start doing it more often. You can find local drives at the Give Life website.

Then I babysat for the Neph- LOVE it. We had a good time-- he was HY-per. Didn't go to sleep until almost TEN. Outta control- the boy loves the nightlife.

Then went to a going away party for a friend moving to Chicago- love you, Richie!

Sleopt through church. Oops.
Went to lunch with small group chicas.
Went to sublime. Saw bf. Good times. Got to see bff Jill- always a good time.
Sang "Break our Hearts"- old school. LOVE that song. Forgot. now remember.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

they've still got the right stuff...



Word on the street is that they're going on tour-- I will be first in line.

Shut up. I love them. SO much.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I Heart Dave Barnes

Don't you just love Dave Barnes? Just the cutest boy ever- and a JAM of a musician.

The roomie and I saw him Sunday night at The Loft (kinda creepy venue, but whatev)-- and he was amazing.
He has a new album out- AMAZING. It's so super- he did a lot of stuff from the album at the show- stellar. And he re-did "On A Night Like This"-- if you didn't love it before (you must have been dead), you can love it now! Pic links to amazon so you can buy :)

But, my all time fav album of his is "Brother bring the sun"-- the greatest thing ever. Check it out!!


So funny. So sad. So true.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

not dead!

I know you've probably been worried! But, no I'm not dead!

I've just been incredibly lazy as of late, but here's a recent run down.

1. It's Spring Break. I am doing nothing.

2. The Neph is getting huge- will get a picture asap-- he's a master crawler, getting ready to walk! Exciting! But SCARY!

3. It's baseball season. I am happy. Except for the fact that the Braves keep losing. They're about to drive me to drink. Come on, boys! And how much do you love Texiera? And Kotsay? And Escobar? LOVE THEM! And please, Chipper Jones is still a stud. And I love him. #10 4 LIFE.

4. I can't WAIT until summer. I'm over this school year- and these kids. I mean, I like some of them, but I am ready for them to be gone.

5. I love One Tree Hill. It's been gone, but it's coming back on Monday!! Get excited!!!

I'm gonna get back on the blogwagon now... I've missed you!!!