Monday, May 21, 2012

every. freaking. day.

A guy friend of mine was recently complaining about how high maintenance his beauty regime had become because he had to trim his chest hair. Now. While I do not have to trim my chest hair (because I like to look like Burt Reynolds obvs), I will NOT listen to a man complain about how much it takes him to look good. So, I asked a simple question: How many products- besides shampoo/conditioner- do you use on your hair every day?

His answer: Um, does washing my head with body wash count?

Boys kill me.

But in all honesty, I love a good hair product, so I thought I'd share my (almost) daily hair routine and product list! I have a LOT of very fine blonde hair. It's fairly straight, but it'll be a little wavy if I just let it dry. Not cute wavy. More like "hey you slept on your wet hair and it dried that way"-wavy. 

My current shampoo is Bed Head's Color Combat Dumb Blonde Shampoo. I am not very loyal to shampoo. I tend to jump around, but I like Bed Head's products a LOT. I tend to try whatever is on sale at Ulta.
 When I bought this shampoo, I bought the conditioner too. UM. Hated it. It felt like GLUE. Some people like really thick conditioner, but I do NOT. I hated it so much that I ended up giving it away to a friend. My friend Rachel mentioned how good the Suave Professionals line was, so I thought I'd try that. (Especially since I had just given away a $16 bottle of conditioner.)  I ended up buying Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Smoothing Conditioner.

I've liked it a lot. My hair def feels more healthy when I use it. Without feeling like glue. Which is good. Obvs. When I get out of the shower, I wrap my hair in a towel. I know you're not supposed to do this, but I always have. And I HATE wet hair touching my skin, so I have to do something. I use a comb before I start adding products. When I was young, I would literally dry my hair and go, but as I get older, I find that my hair just doesn't do right if I don't use products. Also. I am a TOTAL sucker when I get my hair cut. I am totally the person that buys the products that the stylist uses. Smooth move, hair stylist.
The first thing I spray on my hair is John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Blonder Controlled Lightening Spray.

This is a fairly new product. I just found it this past fall/winter. I have naturally blonde hair, and it always lightens to an almost white in the summer sun. But for the past few years, I've had to highlight it in the winter because it just looks so dingy. My mom would literally pull it through a cap for me about twice a year. But this past year, I found this stuff and I just spray it on every day and my hair color looks PHENOMENAL. It still looks natural and not dingy at ALL. Yay!

The next three products are to help my hair look smooth but still have some volume. I use
SUPERSTAR™ Queen For a Day Thickening Spray- just lift a few sections and spray.
 It sprays more like hairspray than foam, so I like it a lot. I learned how to best apply by watching this:

Isn't she the cutest thing? I've never used Aquage, but I've heard good things! Maybe one day! The last two products are a part of the S-Factor line. My hairstylist explained that the "S" stands for smooth, sleek, shiny, sexy, and all other good S-words. Which I think is really funny! The first is  BODY BOOSTER™Plumping Spray.
Real talk. The best thing about this product is that it smells DELICIOUS. I swear, that fact alone makes this product worth it. But it also makes my hair full without being poofy.
AND. Last but not least is SMOOTHING LUSTERIZER Defrizzer & Tamer.
This is probably my favorite thing on earth. It does exactly what it says- tames and defrizzes. My hairdress applies it before and after drying, but I'm on a budget here, so we have to make wise decisions.

Then I dry!
With a paddle brush.
And a gigantic round brush.
Sometimes I straighten.
Let's be honest.
Not much.

So there's my hair routine! What's yours?