Monday, September 29, 2008

cause I hate Auburn. and all other orange teams.

Spread Hate Pic comes from Roll Bama Roll
SI Cover comes from Gump For Heisman See the others- HILARIOUS.

RTR, baby!!

Hey Dawgs!

We just beat the hell outta you!

Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer

Give 'em hell, Alabama!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Soundtrack to Our Lives

My roommate and I always talk about the songs that would be on our life's soundtrack. Not necessarily songs that would tell our story, but songs we have always and will always love. No requirements outside of the fact that they make you happy. Easy as pie. We've also decided that it's like a hip-hop album, so it can have 18 songs on it. You're welcome. :)

Some of mine are:
1. Run Around Sue- Dion
2. Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay- Otis Redding
3. Cowboy Take Me Away- Dixie Chicks
4. Jessica- The Allman Brothers Band
5. Lonely Night in Georgia- Marc Broussard
6. Sweet Home Alabama- Lynyrd Skynyrd
7. Shifting Sand- Caedmon's Call
8. You Said- Shane & Shane

What's on your soundtrack?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Good News From Galveston

My aunt, uncle, and 2 cousins all live in Galveston, Texas. Obviously, they have been evacuated due to the hurricanes passing over them. They had bought a house only weeks before the hurricanes hit, so there was a lot of fear of destruction when they had to leave.

Just got word today that my cousin and uncle are back in Galveston-- and all is well. There is a little bit of damage to stuff in the garage, but their house and the majority of their possessions are fine!

so so so exciting!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'm just telling you what he said.

You remember UGA's "BlackOut" against Auburn last year?Well, they're doing it again.

"The seniors asked if we could 'black out' the game," Coach Mark Richt said tonight. "We're going to ask our fans to go ahead and black out the stadium again. And our players will be wearing the black jerseys. I thought it was an outstanding success as far as the fans buying in to the requests of the seniors last year. I would think (fans) would get excited about the blackout. You wouldn't think it was big a deal, but it was."
This is Saban at the press conference on Monday evening. (Sorry for the crap pic- I had to steal it from a video stream.)
"Well, this is the only shirt I could find when I woke up this morning," Saban said, laughing, before growing serious. "Those kinds of things only means something if you let it. Like those old Notre Dame teams that wore green jerseys and that means you're not supposed to beat them. Or Joe Theismann talks to them Friday night, you're not supposed to win that game. If all that does mean something to you, I guess it's a problem. But they have good football players, that's what we're concerned about, not how they dress."
Looking forward to a good game Saturday! Roll Tide, Roll!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Just another Manic Monday

Things Wrong with Today:
- I feel like death. Sore throat. Aches. Congestion. Voice is man-ish. Ugh.
- I didn't straighten my hair. It's a little poofy.
- It took me 25 minutes to get to work. It normally takes 8. Traffic is a beast.
- There is no AC in my classroom. WTF.

Things Good About Today:
- My god-brother sent me a text today about furthering his relationship with the Lord. EXCITING.
- I have on a very "Georgia Fall" outfit- khakis, blue 3/4 sleeve shirt, brown flips.
- Someone brought me a fan to cool off my very warm room.
- I ate whoppers. Delish.
- I accomplished little menial tasks while my kids worked quietly. It was UH-mazing.
- We had a CHILL playlist running all during class- I am so calm right now.

More good than bad. Definite victory.
Only 4 days until the UGA/Alabama game. I might throw up. RTR.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

RIP: Quentin Fields

One Tree Hill.
Funeral last night.
Cried like it was an actual friend's funeral.
Couldn't handle little brother with the jersey.
Couldn't handle Jamie with the cape.
Bawled like actual baby.

watching someone grow up

You have all read about my sister before and how awesome she is, but let me tell you how she's DEF one of those people who THRIVE in college. She's a freshman at the University of Alabama- and she fits.

She's one of those free spirit type people- who isn't trying to rebel, but just IS different. She thinks differently from me, but is so like me in so many ways.

She's brave.
She's a good friend.
She's a winner.
She's devoted.
She's passionate.
She's smart.
She's my sister.

me, AT, and mom at Bid Day in T-town :)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Friday, September 12, 2008

Reason #7583645 to Live Alone

If you live alone, you don't run the risk of being woken up at 4:30 in the morning by your roommate talking LOUDLY on the phone to a boy.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

an answer

This was a response I sent to a "friend" who was trying to talk trash about my political views.... Another real friend thought I should publish it-- so you're the lucky audience.


I think you need to be careful of attacking someone's relationship with our gracious God because of the way they choose to vote. You say questioning, but your words attacked me. You made me feel as if i'm supposed to be following some rules so I can be Christian enough. Jesus wasn't a republican. Or a democrat. He lived in a dictatorship. But he submitted to one authority. And it wasn't Rome.

Morals matter. But having a republican in the white house for the past 8 years hasn't changed anything in the way of abortion or same-sex marriage. Yes. They are both wrong. Yes. I am against them both. But that doesn't change the fact that the law isn't changing. People get so upset about those two topics and never stop to think that maybe they're NOT the most important issues. Our greatest commandment is to love God- and because of his love for us, love others. Are you really doing that by questioning my relationship with Jesus based on how I vote? No. You're not.

You want to get mad about something? Get mad about the fact that Jesus commanded us to care for the orphans and widows- but we don't protest our country's neglect of it's own people.

Get mad that there are THOUSANDS of girls that are searching for love so badly that they turn to sex and end up with unwanted pregnancies. Outlawing abortion isn't going to change that girl's need for love. People loving her is the only thing that can change that.

We'll probably not the vote the same way. And probably not agree on the issues at hand.But the fact that we disagree doesn't make one of us bad and one of us good. It doesn't make one of us right and the other wrong. And it certainly doesn't make one of us a Christian and the other not.

It just means we disagree. Which is ok. That's what makes this country great. We can disagree and it not be the end of the world.

Don't buy into the bipartisan lie that you have to hate your opponent. Jesus called us to love our enemies as ourselves. You really want to be a radical? Love the person that your disagre with- neither party will know how to handle that.