Monday, September 29, 2008

cause I hate Auburn. and all other orange teams.

Spread Hate Pic comes from Roll Bama Roll
SI Cover comes from Gump For Heisman See the others- HILARIOUS.


Bone said...

OK, the "I will not be the coach at Alabama" made me cackle out loud just a bit.

I've been reading every article I can find this week that mentions Alabama, Saban, Crimson Tide, or Lindsay Lohan.

cami said...

I've read about 17 books worth of online articles about Alabama, Saban, Crimosn Tide.... and only about 3 about Lindsey Lohan.

Can't get enough!!!!

RTR, baby!

Bone said...

I got a forwarded email today. It was some Vandy fans holding a sign that said:

"Vandy Tee $10
Season Tix $100
Beating Alabama's little sister - PRICELESS"

Allyson and Dave said...

I just found your blog from a link on another make me laugh...I love it. Now I have to admit I went to Tennessee so I normally would bleed orange but we really suck this year. So I have found myself cheering on Bama and Vandy...I have a lot of friends who went to those schools. My husband is big Gator fan...I could never support him on that one. That would just be wrong. So at the risk of my husband leaving me and my UT friends never speaking to me again I leave you with this message...Go Bama!!...RTR.

Bone said...

I said "Sooie" at least four times Saturday.