Thursday, September 20, 2007

Austin Leon Smith

My Pepaw passed away yesterday. Very weird. He'd been sick for a while now-- about 6-7 years. He'd lost his vision and had alzheimers's-- and other just general old people things.

He was amazing.

I grew up going to Mississippi for the summers-- and memories of riding in the ol' blue pick up out to the farm, walking to church Sunday mornings and nights, shucking peas on the back patio, eating breakfast out in the garden, camping at Clarkco, baiting my own hook for the first time, watching the Braves on TV after dinner, him always drinking lemonade instead of sweet tea-- are permanently a part of who I am.

Even as an adult, the memories overwhelm me. A few years ago I did a project about WW2-- from the war perspective and the homefront perspective-- so, I interviewed my Pepaw aboout his tours of duty in the European front-- and how he fought and where he fought.

Even just last year, my dad and I went to visit the grandparents when one of their best friends who I've known my whole life passed away. At the graveside, Pepaw was too tired to walk out to the service, so he and I sat in the car-- and laughed. I couldn't even tell you what we were laughing about, but I remember his quiet little laugh and that glint in his eye to just remind me that he still knew enough to be himself.

I'll probably remember that laugh for a long time.

I love you, Pepaw.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Random Tagged-ness from Abby

Random #1: I think I'm really awkward on the phone. So, I don't answer calls or call people sometimes. I mean, not like my bffs. But other peeps. I'd much rather see you in person or just send an email.

Random #2: I do not water chestnuts. The sound they make when you crunch them makes me want to GAG. I will pick every single one of them out of whatever I'm eating.

Random #3: My dad always a game with me and my siblings about being the favorite. I love it. We're all the favorite. Except my mom really is. We all know this.

Random #4: I sometimes wear a fake diamond ring. Just because I feel like it. And I'll make up a full stories about my fiance and wedding. It makes me smile. :)

Random #5: I busted my head open on the bottom of the pool when I was 12. I had to get 13 stiches in my hair line on my forehead. I have a scar.

Random #6: I don't hate getting shots. I always ask for them at the doctor's office.

Random #7: I like the smell of cigarettes. Not the smoke part. But the smell. It's calming to me.

Random #8: I drink Diet Coke so much that I don't like Coca-C0la Classic any more. It's too sweet.

**There are a bunch of rules. But I am not a rule follower, so I shall not be doing that part. Unless you want to be tagged. Then I tag you.**