Sunday, September 16, 2007

Random Tagged-ness from Abby

Random #1: I think I'm really awkward on the phone. So, I don't answer calls or call people sometimes. I mean, not like my bffs. But other peeps. I'd much rather see you in person or just send an email.

Random #2: I do not water chestnuts. The sound they make when you crunch them makes me want to GAG. I will pick every single one of them out of whatever I'm eating.

Random #3: My dad always a game with me and my siblings about being the favorite. I love it. We're all the favorite. Except my mom really is. We all know this.

Random #4: I sometimes wear a fake diamond ring. Just because I feel like it. And I'll make up a full stories about my fiance and wedding. It makes me smile. :)

Random #5: I busted my head open on the bottom of the pool when I was 12. I had to get 13 stiches in my hair line on my forehead. I have a scar.

Random #6: I don't hate getting shots. I always ask for them at the doctor's office.

Random #7: I like the smell of cigarettes. Not the smoke part. But the smell. It's calming to me.

Random #8: I drink Diet Coke so much that I don't like Coca-C0la Classic any more. It's too sweet.

**There are a bunch of rules. But I am not a rule follower, so I shall not be doing that part. Unless you want to be tagged. Then I tag you.**

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Tickled Pink & Green said...

After years of drinking diet coke, I can't stand the taste of the real thing. Too syrupy, too sweet. Ugh. I'd drink dc even if I were 95 lbs!