Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Thursday, February 12, 2009

God of the Details

I was emailing my bff Heather this morning telling her how my biggest struggle is to believe that God WANTS to be the God of my details. I know He CAN. And I know He loves me. And I know He cares about me. And I he wants my life.

But. I struggle in truly knowing and believing that God WANTS to be the God of my details.

Then. I went and read my friend Annie's blog. Oh, you don't read it!??! You are SO not in the loop. Jump on over there. And read it. Now. Thank you.

And I'm reading it. And sitting at my desk. And CRYING.

because EXACTLY what she's writing about it EXACTLY what I'm struggling to live out right now.

Oh man oh man.

I love when God uses people's wisdom to impact your life.
Thanks, Annie :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

He's Just Not That Into You

Maybe you didn't read this book when it first came out a few years ago, but I did.
And I was a band wagon jumper.
I loved it and wanted every woman I knew to read it. As a Christian, there had to be a few adjustments made (the sex part mainly), but on the whole, the principles are so true.
Attention Boys- Yes, we really are this dumb. And REALLY do make these kinds of justifications for your actions. I know, I know. Studpid. I got it. But it doesn't change the fact that it's true.
What's great about this book is that ever girl in the world gets it. We don't know why we continue to do the things we do and think the things we think. But we do. We get it. We've all felt all of these emotions.
And the girls who say they haven't are lying.
or just huge whores. :)
but I digress.
If you've never read this book, I strongly recommend that you do. It'll be nothing but good for you.
On a much more recent update, I saw the move last night.
My friend Walker took me on a hot date to Mexican and the movies. It was incredible.
The hot date and the movie.
It'll make you laugh out loud.
You may tear up.
You'll see your friends in it.
You'll see your boyfriends in it.
You'll see your unrequited love in it.
And sadly, you'll see yourself in it.
It's so good.
Walker didn't love it more than life, but he laughed a few times and liked some of the storylines. Some of it made him want to gag, but it is a chick flick, so I wouldn't expect anything else.
You should def go see it. Go on a date, go with your girl friends, make your guy friend take you-- whatever. It's great. You'll love it!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Nico Johnson
AJ McCarron

Tana Patrick

DJ Fluker
National Signing Day was a slight success.
I mean, maybe Alabama was 1st place again.
I'm just saying.
Keep your eyes open, ladies and gentleman.
Roll Tide Roll.

My New Favorite Joke

Found this on 6 Year Med's blog....

What did zero say to eight?

Nice Belt.


Friday, February 6, 2009

Sorority Girl

I'm a sorority girl. Or at least, I will be.

In a few weeks, I'm going to be initiated in Alpha Phi (pronounced "fee"- it's correct. if you care why, ask) at the University of Alabama

No. I'm not in college.
No. I didn't go through rush.
No. I don't go to Alabama.

But, my sister did/does all of those things. And Alpha Phi is a new sorority on campus there.

Alpha Phi was the first sorority ever. It's not a huge deal here in the south, but up north, it's like ADPi or PhiMu-- everywhere.

But, one of the things it does for new chapters is invite the female family members of sisters in a new chapter to join. So, my sister asked my mom and I to do it.

So, here we are.
I'm an Alpha Phi!
**And PS- this is possibly the worst writing I've ever done. So choppy, no organization, ugh. But, whatev. It's Friday afternoon.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Normally, when it comes to sports, I am smart. I don't mean like, oh smart for a girl. But. Actually smart. Like, I watch SportsCenter and PTI and GameDay on my own. I read sports blogs (PFB, RBR, etc), have an ESPN button on my BlackBerry, and subscribe to

Yeah. I love sports.
I love college football. (Roll Tide!) I tolerate the NFL. (Go Falcons!)
I love MLB-- really the Braves, but I love the game of baseball.
I love college basketball- not like I love football, but I still love to watch. (Go Heels!)
I love teams passionately (Alabama, UNC, Braves) and hate teams with all that I am (Yankees, UGA, Auburn, Duke).
I love sports.

I got nothing.
But, my bff Jesse loves fights. (And Michigan. And the Pistons. And the Lions. Don't hold any of this against him. He's awesome... this is us at New Years.... ridic)
And in hanging out with him, I have been able (forced?) to watch different mixed martial arts fights. Mainly UFC, but I've watched WEC too. And a lot of it makes me kinda feel sick to my stomach. But, I have found myself really enjoying it.
The other night I went with a bunch of my friends to watch UFC-- the main event being BJ Penn vs. George St. Pierre. I had a lot of fun.

I had no idea what was going on. But, I had fun. Jesse sits beside me and tells me who I'm cheering for and what is good and what is bad, and I ask really asinine questions, and he's super sweet and just answers them and only looks at me like I'm a little stupid.

It happened.
I was flipping through the channels last night, and saw a fight on.
And stopped.
And watched the whole thing.
Texting Jesse asking dumb questions.
So, I think I'm a fan?