Thursday, February 12, 2009

God of the Details

I was emailing my bff Heather this morning telling her how my biggest struggle is to believe that God WANTS to be the God of my details. I know He CAN. And I know He loves me. And I know He cares about me. And I he wants my life.

But. I struggle in truly knowing and believing that God WANTS to be the God of my details.

Then. I went and read my friend Annie's blog. Oh, you don't read it!??! You are SO not in the loop. Jump on over there. And read it. Now. Thank you.

And I'm reading it. And sitting at my desk. And CRYING.

because EXACTLY what she's writing about it EXACTLY what I'm struggling to live out right now.

Oh man oh man.

I love when God uses people's wisdom to impact your life.
Thanks, Annie :)


luv2gossip said...

ur so cool, u have permission to check out my blog at

Modern Day Hippie said...

1. he's just not that into you, hilarious && awesome
2. i don't get the zero, eight, belt joke
3. signing day is like, the only good day that's not including in football season.