Friday, February 6, 2009

Sorority Girl

I'm a sorority girl. Or at least, I will be.

In a few weeks, I'm going to be initiated in Alpha Phi (pronounced "fee"- it's correct. if you care why, ask) at the University of Alabama

No. I'm not in college.
No. I didn't go through rush.
No. I don't go to Alabama.

But, my sister did/does all of those things. And Alpha Phi is a new sorority on campus there.

Alpha Phi was the first sorority ever. It's not a huge deal here in the south, but up north, it's like ADPi or PhiMu-- everywhere.

But, one of the things it does for new chapters is invite the female family members of sisters in a new chapter to join. So, my sister asked my mom and I to do it.

So, here we are.
I'm an Alpha Phi!
**And PS- this is possibly the worst writing I've ever done. So choppy, no organization, ugh. But, whatev. It's Friday afternoon.


patrick said...

Alpha Phi was the sorority ever.

I'm dumbfounded.

Modern Day Hippie said...

all the best girls wear the ivy
all the best go alpha phi
all the best girls wear the ivy
gotta gotta go APhi!
Alpha Phi's the one for me
&& now the one for you!
So step right in && you will see
that you love APhi too!

oh yeah.

cami said...

Pat- I told you it was the worst writing ever. And I obviously didn't proof read. Way to be a jerk. I fixed it.

MDH- Gotta Gotta Go APhi!!!