Friday, January 29, 2010

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Autocomplete Me

If you only had 22 words, could you still express yourself??
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He talks in his sleep. His wife blogs what he says. Hilarity ensues.
Sleep Talkin Man

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Princess Diana

When I went to Philadelphia in November for the NCTE conference, I stayed a few extra days to sight-see and be touristy in Philly. I had a great time seeing everything- loved all of the "Founding Fathers" and Constitution stuff. I'm a history nerd- times a million.

Almost by accident, I went to the Princess Diana Exhibit. It was in the same building as the Constitution exhibit, and tickets were cheaper if you bought for both exhibits.A short background of me: I love Princess Diana. I remember where I was when she died. (I'm too young to remember her wedding.) I've read her biographies. I bought the magazines about her.

So, when I had the chance to see this exhibit, I was way excited, even though I wasn't sure what it was going to contain.

It was better than I could have ever imagined.
It was pictures, letters, videos, mementos, scrapbooks, and so much more. There was a whole room devoted to her fashion- and had numerous dresses she wore on display. There was a room devoted to her childhood, her courtship with Prince Charles, her wedding, divorce, philanthropy, and- of course- her death.

Here's my embarrassing confession.

I cried.

Kinda teared up early on, but by the time I got to the room about her death/funeral, I was bawling. Tears running down my cheeks and sinus situation creeping to a very unattractive level.

It was bad- to the point that a woman stopped me to ask if I was ok.


When I got home, I told my mom about my trip- and told her that we'd have to go if it ever came to Atlanta.

Well, glory in the day- it's here. At the Atlanta Civic Center. Now until June.

You have to go. I'm sorry. You get no choice. It's amazing.
If you're not in Atlanta, I highly recommend you figure out when it's coming to a town near you.

Try to not cry.
Or take some tissues.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


For the past few years, I have gotten to know Carlos Whittaker.

Only that he doesn't know me from Adam's cat (whoever that is...)- because I know him from his blog and from twitter.

It's weird how much I feel like I know him- from reading his heart, being challenged by his thoughts, and laughing at his witty observations. He used to be on staff at Buckhead Church, but has recently left because God was ready for him to do something new.

Yesterday, he released his EP on iTunes.
If you haven't bought it, you're way behind- it's already #1 on the Christian chart and in the top 50 for all of iTunes.

um. check it out. now.
only $2 for 3 songs-and ONE SONG IS FREE!
the rest will be released in the spring.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

the sexiest thing EVER.

global warming? pfffff

From my car this morning.
Al Gore has a lot of explaining to do.

Monday, January 4, 2010

a fresh perspective

Headed back to school tomorrow. Worked today, but we didn't have students today.

I was venting about going back tomorrow because I didn't feel super motivated to go back. I am excited about the year, but I would love a few more days to get back into the swing of things.

I said as much on twitter the other day, and my friend Annie replied to me (out of love) and reminded me that I teach kids that were miserable for the entire two weeks they were home.

I always forget this because my life was/is nothing like that. I always loved breaks with my family, but so many kids hate the vacation because it's just full of reminders that their life isn't what they had hoped. It's just a reminder of divorced parents, hateful siblings, and neglecting family.

So, tomorrow I'm going back. With a new perspective. That I get to be love and excitement and caring and commitment to my students. I am looking forward to it!

Sunday, January 3, 2010


The 2010 Passion Conference is in Atlanta this weekend. Hearing about it and knowing a lot of people that are attending has made me feel incredibly old.

When I was in college, I was an active part of the "Passion Movement", 722, 268 Generation,One Day, and anything else that I could get into that had to do with Jesus.

I went to 4 stops on the Passion tour- Atlanta, Athens, Rome, and Augusta.
I was in Shelby Farms for One Day.
We drove 2 hours on a regular basis on Tuesday nights to go to 722 in Alpharetta.
I owned every CD put out by Passion.

It was an amazing time of my life. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

I know a lot of people from my church who still fall in the 18-25 age bracket who are at the conference this weekend. Reading their tweets, status updates, and blog posts has been so comforting and made me reminisce a lot.

There was so much for me and my age bracket then. But this has also highlighted a fact in my life.

Unless you are married, there is very little "for you" when your 29.

Never knew it. Never cared.
And it's not like I'm mad or anything, it's just that I'm just now noticing it.


Yes, LORD, walking in the way of your laws,
we wait for you;
your name and renown
are the desire of our hearts.