Tuesday, December 29, 2009

update. in bullets.

1. So, my lungs are much better. I haven't had any more issues since the weekend before Christmas. I am happy. Not sure what was going on then, but I'm glad it's no longer going on.

2. As I already knew, I was VERY well-behaved this year. Santa confirmed this with his generosity on Christmas morning. Pictures to come asap.

3. Am trying to make resolutions. Not sure just yet. Will keep posted.

4. Started drinking more water. Began yesterday. Victory thus far. (Keep in mind that I just said more- which won't be hard because I was drinking close to none. Ooops.)

5. Playing "Words With Friend" on my iPhone. this is possibly the best decision I've ever made. You can play me! My username is CamiSmith.

6. I want a UNC Tarheel's shirt. I'm an Alabama fan, but since I lived in North Carolina for a few years, I love Carolina too. My love for the Heels is NOTHING like my love for Alabama, but I feel like I need a shirt. Also, I tend to look smashing in that shade of blue.

7. I hate New Years. Least favorite holiday. After Columbus Day, and Stab Yourself With Your Fork Day. Ugh. But, I have plans.

8. Cleaned out my closet. 3 bags for Goodwill. Officially have too much crap.

9. Excited to go back to school. SO much to do to get ready!

10. Love my family. Lots. Maybe more than last week.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

the past few days of my life. in pictures.

Sunday night. ER. asthma attack.
regular breathing treatment didn't work. continuous nebulizer.
that wasn't working fast enough. IV drugs.
oxygen level at arrival to ER: 82%.
by the time I left: 98%
5 days of steroids. make me hot. and hungry.

In the words of my dad, "It's not Christmas unless Cami's going to the Emergency Room"

Monday, December 14, 2009

mom's bday

My mom's bday was actually a week ago, but we didn't get to celebrate as an entire family until Saturday night.

We took our Christmas card picture (better late than never, right?)- and it's SO great. We all have on "Gameday" gear. Roll Tide and Merry Christmas. :)
Then we went to dinner at Vincent's.

One problem.

Dinner at 7.

Heisman at 8.

Hmmmmmm. Dilemma.

My brother proposed that we all leave our phones at home so that when we came back, we could all watch the Heisman show together. So we did.

Of course, we didn't take into consideration the fact that the TVs in the bar would be on ESPN.

But, never fear.

My brother, sister, and I all sat with our backs to the televisions. My mom and dad had to sit at the end where they couldn't see the screens. My s-i-l and nephew were the only ones who could see the screen- and neither one of them care.

So, we made it through dinner without seeing anything.
Came home and watch it whole show as a family.

Then cried again.

I am SO excited for Mark Ingram! And for running backs. And for Alabama!
I love my family for making the Heisman trophy presentation part of my mom's bday party. And for making Alabama a part of our Christmas card. Love it.


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

wanna win free stuff?

of course you do!

Thanks to BooMama, you can win $500 worth of beauty products. I've never used them, but they look amazing and everything I've read about them says they will change your life.
So, check it out on her giveaways page!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

smelling the roses

For the first time in my adult life, The University of Alabama Crimson Tide has gone 13-0 and won the SEC Championship. I cried during the whole 4th quarter- just overwhelmed by the emotions of it all.
Mark Ingram is a stud. One of the 5 finalists for The Heisman. Love him.
Greg McElroy had the game of his life. Well, at least of this season. He was perfect. Amazing.
Oh, Alabama fans- so witty.

Monday at school. I did wear an Alabama shirt. This picture is ridic. It's in blackandwhite because I looked ROUGH. The B&W helped some.

"Remember the Rose Bowl- we'll win then"