Monday, December 14, 2009

mom's bday

My mom's bday was actually a week ago, but we didn't get to celebrate as an entire family until Saturday night.

We took our Christmas card picture (better late than never, right?)- and it's SO great. We all have on "Gameday" gear. Roll Tide and Merry Christmas. :)
Then we went to dinner at Vincent's.

One problem.

Dinner at 7.

Heisman at 8.

Hmmmmmm. Dilemma.

My brother proposed that we all leave our phones at home so that when we came back, we could all watch the Heisman show together. So we did.

Of course, we didn't take into consideration the fact that the TVs in the bar would be on ESPN.

But, never fear.

My brother, sister, and I all sat with our backs to the televisions. My mom and dad had to sit at the end where they couldn't see the screens. My s-i-l and nephew were the only ones who could see the screen- and neither one of them care.

So, we made it through dinner without seeing anything.
Came home and watch it whole show as a family.

Then cried again.

I am SO excited for Mark Ingram! And for running backs. And for Alabama!
I love my family for making the Heisman trophy presentation part of my mom's bday party. And for making Alabama a part of our Christmas card. Love it.



Bone said...

Now THAT'S a great Christmas photo. My favorite part of Ingram's acceptance speech was when he thanked the teachers at Alabama because "they're important, too."


Roll Tide! (Do I say this in every comment? Feels like it.)

cami said...

it's true. such a classy school!

and you SHOULD say Roll Tide in every post! it's important!


Bone said...

Oh, thought you would enjoy this: