Tuesday, December 29, 2009

update. in bullets.

1. So, my lungs are much better. I haven't had any more issues since the weekend before Christmas. I am happy. Not sure what was going on then, but I'm glad it's no longer going on.

2. As I already knew, I was VERY well-behaved this year. Santa confirmed this with his generosity on Christmas morning. Pictures to come asap.

3. Am trying to make resolutions. Not sure just yet. Will keep posted.

4. Started drinking more water. Began yesterday. Victory thus far. (Keep in mind that I just said more- which won't be hard because I was drinking close to none. Ooops.)

5. Playing "Words With Friend" on my iPhone. this is possibly the best decision I've ever made. You can play me! My username is CamiSmith.

6. I want a UNC Tarheel's shirt. I'm an Alabama fan, but since I lived in North Carolina for a few years, I love Carolina too. My love for the Heels is NOTHING like my love for Alabama, but I feel like I need a shirt. Also, I tend to look smashing in that shade of blue.

7. I hate New Years. Least favorite holiday. After Columbus Day, and Stab Yourself With Your Fork Day. Ugh. But, I have plans.

8. Cleaned out my closet. 3 bags for Goodwill. Officially have too much crap.

9. Excited to go back to school. SO much to do to get ready!

10. Love my family. Lots. Maybe more than last week.


Bone said...

What is Words With Friend? I guess I gotta google it now.

I've always liked UNC basketball. Well, since Jordan was there anyway.

cami said...

It's scrabble. It's amazing. Download it now.

Anonymous said...

I've noticed a particular iphone app that is exactly like a very popular board game that is only 8 years old. The developer is just some guy and obviously doesnt have any license to it because it's called a different name. Doesn't this violate some sort of copyright? (this reminds me of the facebook court case between scrabble and the guys who made scrabulous).

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