Friday, May 2, 2008

me me me me MEEEEEEE

maybe i should cut my hair? It’s really long- I might be ready for something new…

i love the smell of jasmine vanilla soap from bbw, clean boy, pool chemicals

people would say that i’m completely friendly, outtacontrol, funny, a little bitchy when needed.

i don’t understand why people judge things they don’t understand

when i wake up in the morning I hope that’s Saturday. And wonder if I have time to hit snooze. Again.

i lost my willpower to not drink Diet Coke.

life is better with time.

my past makes me better at being me

i get annoyed when people treat me like I’m stupid. Because, well, I’m not.

parties are usually more fun if there are adult bevs involved.

dogs are super. Love love love.

cats are the worst invention ever. I hate them.

tomorrow is probably never going to come.

i have low tolerance for slow drivers in the left lane. And Georgia fans.

i’m totally terrified of being alone forever.

i wonder why I love middle schoolers. Seriously. Who does that?

never in my life have i used illegal drugs.

high school was good times. But I would NEVER go back.

when i’m nervous I talk faster than normal. And get a little quiet.

one time at a family gathering... I ruined the party by having to go to the hospital. Again.

take my advice: credit cards suck.

making my bed is a daily event- I love walking into a room with a made bed.

i'm almost always smiling or laughing

i’m addicted to Diet Coke, One Tree Hill, and flip flops.

i want someone to want to call me everyday. Not my roomie- even though I love her too.

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