Wednesday, May 14, 2008


One Tree Hill this week was AMAZING. Dan's crazy and dying. Love Nathan and Haley. OMG-- canNOT believe that Lucas told Peyton that he hates her- I was NOT expecting that!!! hands down the best show on television.

Gossip Girl is a close second, though-- stellar episode. I KNEW I hated that Georgina girl the minute she walked into the first scene. I love Dan and Serena together, so I'll be SO sad if they are actually going to break up for real. And I was on Jenny overload, so I was grateful for a break from her. BUT- I couldn't STAND Blair's mustard yellow dress-- it was a weird cut and a weirder color.

Samantha Who? Do you watch this show!??!?! It is SO funny. But Todd made me sad on this episode. Which made me sad. Because he's normally so precious. But seriously, you need to jump on the Samantha Who? bandwagon- because you will laugh out loud!


TC said...

Dan's not going to die: he's going to kill the reverand ahead of him in line for the heart transplant to get it himself and continue to make them all - save Jamie - miserable.

I was sooooo mad at Lucas. So mad at him. But also wanted to cry for him, too. Sigh. I'm horrified next week is the season finale. I have too many questions, and an hour just isn't going to do it.

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

OMG GG and OTH are my favs!! So bad yet soooo good! I really hope Dan and Serena can work it out over the summer. And poor Blaire. Although she seems to be able to make the best of things. hehehe. This is the silly stuff that I worry about! :)

I would love for Dan to be dead but agree with TC that he will probably pull through. He's the Steffano of night time tv!