Friday, February 15, 2008

valentine's day didn't suck

shock, I know.
But, when you're 27 and single, Valentine's Day has a way of being a huge giant suckfest.
but, not so much.
it wasn't like the best day ever or anything, but I didn't want to jump under a bridge by nightfall.

great day at school- lots of energy and i feel like I taught well, so that's always a bonus. (other than my douche-y student teacher, but that's out of my control....)
sat and laughed with 2 girl friends after work for about an hour, so that always blesses me.
then went home where preparations for our "so you're telling me i'm single" party were underway.
but then I left. to go see the fam. had to take something to the mom. got a little "love present" as my my mom calls them- precious.. my mom is awesome. you wish she were your mom. but she is not. sorry. and i got to hang out with the neph. we opened my present and went to go see our neighbors. and played with ribbon. and banged a tin on the dining room table until we got in trouble.
and then I came back home. to finish getting ready for our super party. it was chilll and low key- but we had great snacks (inclusing a chocolate fountain- be jealous!) and cute cocktails (called a "flirtini"-- didn't hate it!)
and then we laguhed. and laughed. and told our worst date stories (another day....). and laughed.

then I went to sleep.

oh! forgot the fun text flirting I got to do with a sweet boy whom I love! he's precious. I'd date him. but, not so much. and on this day, it's just nice to be flirted with. :)

happy vd ;)

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Jonathan & Kari said...

I love that.

Happy VD.

That's a new one.