Tuesday, February 12, 2008

John Rocker Breaks My Heart

I loved John Rocker.
Not now.
But back in the day-- when he sprinted out of the bullpen for 98 NCLS, I was in love. Then he had a 98mph fast ball. It was infatuation.
And I was a devoted fan- cheered loud, had a cute little jersey tshirt with ROCKER and the number 49 emblazened across the back. Love.

Then he freaked out on me. First the Sports Illustrated article. Then he became captain mad. And started talking trash to the (dirty) Mets. Then he couldn't strike anyone out. Then he got sent down. Then he got traded.

And now he's owned up to using steriods.
Oh, Johnny.
Deep in my heart, I still love you.
If you asked me out, I would still stay yes.

And only be a little embarassed-- but mostly about the blown saves.

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