Tuesday, February 26, 2008

27 is the new 30?

um, a student called me 30 today. kill me.

not that 30 is bad. I'll be fine when I get there. But I am, in fact, NOT THIRTY.

i hate to get so upset. but it really freaked me out.

and then one of my students said, "well, if you round, you are..."
and i said "shut your filthy mouth".

sad times.


The Shepards said...

Wow. Yeah, that is not a good feeling. I turned 28 yesterday, and it felt different. Not the same as 27. Definitely felt older. Definitely felt pressure to be more mature.

Just remind yourself that those kids you teach are just little snots and they should RESPECT their elders, whether we're 21 or 31.


Ripley Family said...

Deja vu - only it was MY kid who informed me three days ago that 36 rounds to FORTY! Oh yes - FORTY.

What's worse - I TAUGHT him that! Ah, the "benefits" of homeschooling.


Jonathan & Kari said...

Oh, Cami! I agree that 30 isn't bad/old...but we aren't there yet! Come on now isn't 27 just mid to upper mid-20s???