Monday, February 4, 2008

War Dance

I went to see an indie film last week. It's not something I do very often-- I'm usually the girl interested in the latest romantic comedy or sports movie (weird, I know). But, I went with a friend to see "War Dance".
It's amazing.

If you've ever seen "Invisible Children", you'll understand a lot of the background of the movie. There's been a rebellion going on in Uganda for about 20 years. In that time, the Lord's Resistance Army had tried to overthrow the current government of Uganda. Because the LRA has faced so much opposition, they have resorted to kidnapping children and forcing them to fight in the war. They teach them to be immune to violence-- and threaten violence if the children try to run away.

So, now there's tons of fear for the people of Uganda. And the government has moved them in to Displacement camps- where they are protected by the Ugandan government and the UN. Displacement camps are incredibly overcrowded-- land meant for 10 families now house 50,000 people.

The people living there have experience horrific tragedy and pain.

But they still dance.

"War Dance" chronilces the journey of the school in one of the camps that is trying to compete in the National Ugandan Music Competition in Kampala (the capital).

It's incredible to learn the stories of these children (and adults) who have gone through such heartache, and watch as they triumph over their pasts.

I think it's already left Atlanta, but the movie is making its way around the country. It's already won all sorts of awards for its awesomeness-- and I'll give it one too. (I'm not sure if the "Cami Smith Seal of Awesomeness" counts for much, but it is an award).

You should try to see it.

So good.

Visit the web site to learn more....

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