Friday, February 8, 2008

National Signing Day

So, Wednesday was National Signing Day for College Football-- and I know a lot of you could care less-- but for the University of Alabama, it was a HUGE day.

according to, Bama has the NUMBER ONE recruiting class for the year. Shows how huge Nick Saban's impact has already been on our football program.
Please understand that I am not one of those people popping off about how we're gonna win a National Championship in a year- I have MUCH more reasonable expectations.

Number One- Beat Auburn. In all honesty, we could lose every game-- and I would stilll be happy if we beat Auburn.

Number Two- Win more than we lose. We ended up 7-6 last year- a winning season by the skin of our teeth. But with some big wins, and some close losses in their. I'd much rather see 10 wins or so-- but more wins than losses.

Number Three- Beat Georgia. Because I live here, I have an extreme hatred for the University of Georgia. We had a great game against them last year, but lost in overtime. Major bummer, but at least it was good football. And it's all good for me until some punk Georgia fan starts talking trash about how "UGA killed Bama"- then I want to punch people. They're gonna have a good year-- keep on praying that Moreno moves on to the NFL asap or we'll all be in trouble.

But, we have had a GREAT off season so far-- recruiting going VERY well!

Keep your eyes and ears open for Julio Jones, Jerrell Harris, Burton Scott, Tyler Love, Mark Barron, Barrett Jones and Marcel Dareus. All of them signed with Alabama--- and they're all on the Top 100 Prospects at Get excited!!

Want more about the 32 new recruits for the University of Alabama?? Click here.

Pics from Signing Day-- Julio Jones & Jerrell Harris.

Roll Tide!


Bone said...

I'm all about the houndstooth! Yeah, baby!

You're right. It's completely unreasonable to expect a National Championship in a year. I'll gladly wait two years for one :)

Roll Tide.

Bone said...

PS: I hope you're feeling better.

The Shepards said...

Your obligatory punk Georgia fan comment:

See you next year in Sanford.

cami said...

it'll be a good game. everyone loves a good SEC game!

georgia fans are punks... have to keep the truth in the front!