Sunday, May 10, 2009

remembering who I belong to.

For my whole life, my mom has always told me to "Remember who I belong to". She would say it when I was going out of town for a weekend or just going to hang out with my friends. Some moms say things like "Have fun and be careful" or "Be safe"-- but not my mom- she's always had a fun way of saying things.

Remember who I belong to.

For the last few days, I've been thinking about that. Remembering who I belong to.

My mom is a lot of things. She's made me who I am. People who know us both always talk about how much we are alike. I'm a pretty good mix of both of my parents, but I am my mother's daughter.

When I remember who I belong to, I remember these things:
  1. Cereal is an acceptable dinner. Still hungry? Two bowls!
  2. Put sunscreen on before you go out to the beach. So you don't miss random spots or get sand stuck to your ENTIRE body.
  3. Be nice. Even when you don't want to. Especially to people you don't like. It'll drive them crazy.
  4. Life friends change your life- whether they're always in your life or not.
  5. Your siblings are your best friends. If they're not, they will be.
  6. Your relationship with God should grow. If it's not, something's up with you.
  7. You can wear expensive things without spending a lot of money.
  8. A clean, pretty house makes you feel better about your life.
  9. You can love (and like) your in-laws.
  10. You can do anything if you follow the directions.
  11. Sometimes it's ok to turn the music off.
  12. Being the good kid isn't all that bad.
  13. Marrying the "bad boy" can work out- as long as his heart is good.
  14. If you act authoritative, you will have authority.
  15. Coloring your hair makes you look younger.
  16. Sometimes it feels good to just go home.
  17. You can conquer your fears if you face them.
  18. Sacrificing for the ones you love is rarely a sacrifice.
  19. Slick underwear makes your dresses and pants look better. Even if they are ridiculous looking.
  20. Serving people makes you feel complete.
I love my mom. She's amazing.
I remember who I belong to.
Happy Mother's Day!!

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