Tuesday, May 5, 2009

good news!

I was just sad all day yesterday, so I asked people for some good news!
Sometimes when I'm really bummed- or talking to a friend who's really bummed, I'll make myself (or them) list things that are good.

Here are some things that are good in my life:
1. My sister comes home this week. Could not BE any more excited.
2. Going to the beach soon!!! With Rachrea!!!!
3. Only 13 more days of school! Hooray!
4. My small group continues to bless me. I love them more every day.
5. My mom is awesome-er than your mom. Just sayin.
6. Had some really stellar hang out time with my sister-in-law lately. Truly dominant.
7. La Parilla is back open.
8. My friends love me. And they tell me all the time.
9. Heather found a car! JCLS got a new job!
10. Chick-fil-A has a new spicy chicken sandwich. It's not in Georgia yet, but I am cool enough to know people in the loop (ie. Amy)- so, I know it's gonna come here eventually. And I love spicy chicken.

What's good?


Amy said...

you are too cute! :) i promise you i am talking to my peeps about bring cfa spicy sandwich to the ATL. i have high hopes...it is truly sooo good. totally worth a trip to Cali if you ask me (or maryland but that's boring).

Writeaway said...

Like this idea!
1. Elle is coming home for the summer.
2. Elijah is adorable and blesses my life.
3. I have the best husband in the world.
4. Bob and I are both interviewing for jobs - so there is hope for future income.
5. Bob got a summer eHigh class to teach.
6. I have terrific marketing partners and we actually have work.
7. My senior girls are awesome (small group) and I get to spend a week as their head counselor at Summer Camp.
8. Kim Walker is leading worship at Summer Camp - "He Loves Us..... oh, how he loves us...."
9. RiverStone continues to amaze me with the prayer power there and the challenge to go deeper
10. Ann and Brent are a joy to my life and their new business is getting started, so I'm enjoying seeing their creativity.