Tuesday, May 12, 2009

couple of things on my mind

Earthquake in Sichuan was a year ago. At the time, two of my best friends (Rachel and Maranda) were living in that area of China. It was terrifying. Because I had a first hand connection to what was happening in the area, I remember it differently than your average American.
Things are not ok.
Things are not back to normal.

Rachel's blog today said:

On May 12, 2008...
87,000 people lost their lives.
1.5 million homes were destroyed.

On May 12, 2009...as we remember,
200,000 people still remain jobless.
20,000 people still remain missing, buried beneath rubble.

Also- ran across this website on James Fallows at The Atlantic. Check it out.
Don't forget.

I LOVED Caedmon's Call in college. I mean, I still love them now, but when I was in college- they were my favorite Christian band. I played 40 Acres until it was just about dead. I saw them in concert about 5 or 6 times- great songs, great music. Loved them. One of the guys in the band- Derek Webb- was always a little more "edgy" in his way of thinking and just the way he came across. Nothing super scandalous, but he was just not your typical "seemingly perfect" Christian musician. He's been doing solo stuff for a few years- it's pretty good. I don't listen to it like I listened to Caedmon's, but it's still some quality stuff.
I was reading on Bryan Allain's blog- he writes for Prayers For Blowouts too- about Derek Webb's newest album called Stokholm Syndrome. SO MUCH DRAMA surrounding it! It's not very "Derek Webb-y" to be all drama just for the sake of publicity. So, I don't know. But, I do know that I want to listen to the album.....

Well, these are just adorable.

Read about them at Kelly's Korner.
I want them so badly!! Not for me. But for all of my baby-producing friends!

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