Thursday, April 30, 2009


I met Jordan in high school. I was a junior. He was a freshman. He was my buddy. We just understood each other. Just one of those cute friendships- where we just genuinely enjoyed being around each other. Then he moved (back) to Charlotte, North Carolina- and we rarely kept in touch. We're friends on facebook now and still chat every once in a while. He and I are really different today- both changed a lot. He's way more liberal now, and sometimes doesn't think that I "get" his life.
But. I still love him. and we can still talk to him for hours.

So, when I saw his facebook status telling me to go to some link at The Atlantic, I had to check it out. (BTW- if you don't read The Atlantic, you should. It's awesome. I'm a big fan.)

Pay off for sure.
This is what I got.
hahahaha. you're welcome.

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OK Chick said...

Gotta love facebook!