Friday, April 24, 2009

dog movies

Last night my friend Jesse made me watch Eight Below.
He told me I would love it.
I doubted him.
This was foolish.
For multiple reasons.

Number one.
Paul Walker. Do I need to elaborate?
I didn't think so.

Number two.
I learned that the scariest animal I've ever seen does actually exist. Excuse me, but do you know about leopard seals? Hands down the scariest thing I've ever seen. Outside of a dinosaur. In Jurassic Park. (Felt the need to clarify since the dinosaurs in Land Before Time are precious and make me want a pet dinosaur.)
Number three.
It's a dog movie.
And dog movies, by definition, are great.
And sad.
I'm not going to lie when I tell you that I cried in this movie. Not a lot. But enough. I am a movie cry-er anyway, but dog movies? Please. Game over. I honestly do NOT understand people who don't cry in dog movies. Because even the ones that are good, are sad. Seriously. I cry in all dog movies.

Example 1. Homeward Bound. They get home in the end. I know. But when Shadow comes over the hill at the end? Game over. BAWLING. hot mess. Cannot even contain it.

Example two. My Dog Skip. I took my little sister, her bff Anna, and Anna's brother Will to see this movie in the theaters when it came out. We were all crying our eyes out by the time it was over. Seriously. If you've never seen this movie, I highly suggest you stop reading blogs and locate it and watch it now. No seriously, right now. Go. Heart wrenching. (And- bonus- Luke Wilson is in this. And I love him.)
Example three. Marley & Me. My god-brother Bo pointed out that this "family movie" came out on Christmas day. And (spoiler alert) the dog dies. I'm sorry? Family? Christmas? It's almost as bad as The Family Stone (which I love, but is SO sad). I dare you to watch this without crying. If you win, you have no soul. I'm just sayin.


Bone said...

I took my sister to see Milo & Otis when it came out, which must have been like twenty years ago, and also has become one of her favorite brother memories of me.

I think it was a dog movie, but I don't recall the plot.

OK Chick said...

I didn't go see Marley and Me because everyone said it was sad. I don't do sad movies. I like happy ever after movies! :)