Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I know it's not football season. But, I'm dying here.
Alabama's Spring Game was this past weekend- if you aren't familiar with the concept, it's the intra-squad game at the end of spring practice. It's a game against ourselves- Crimson vs. White. Every team has this game-- but in the last few years, they've become these huge deals. It's open seating at the stadium. Alabama broke a NCAA record for spring game attendance (92,000) a few years ago when Saban held his first spring game. It was full capacity. For a scrimmage. Ridiculous. There were 70,000+ people there this year- 2nd most in the NCAA.

My friend was making fun of me for planning my day around the game.
I told him that it was just working as a placebo. I KNOW it's not the real thing. But, it's close enough to fake me out for now.

Been chilling on while my kids have been testing this week.
Found some great stuff. Love it times a million.
You want some interesting reading? Click away.
Most of it isn't about Alabama. It's just random stuff around Southern football- not even all SEC. But, reading pleasure for sure!

Roll Tide!


Allen Skipper said...

Roll Tide Sister!

Bone said...

I'm so glad we are playing a nationally-ranked non-conference opponent every year now.

Loved the articles. It was nice to be reminded of Auburn backing out of the FSU game.

I ate at Taco Casa Saturday :)