Sunday, March 2, 2008

a reading weekend

All I've done this weekend is read. Two of my favorite authors, too!!
First-- I read Denise Hildreth's newest book, "Will of Wisteria"-- amazing. She's AWESOME! I actually got to meet her this week! My church read her book, "Flies on the Butter", and had a book club for it on Tuesday night. BUT- she came and spoke- but EVEN BETER! I got to sit next to her and talk to her the whole night. So super!!!

She wrote the "Savannah From Savannah" series-- so amazing. LOVE them. Chick books- but without being sketchy. She writes great characters in real southern settings. Amazing.

Second- I read a new Meg Cabot book. LOVE her. New book is phenom! Check it out!
Nothing else to report since I just read books all weekend.
Except that I went to WalMart tonight. And smelled my favorite smell on earth. it's a body splash made by Calgon- called Hawaiian Ginger. It's the most comforting smell to me on earth. I can smell it right now- and it makes me smile. Anyone who knew me in college would know me by this smell. Love it.


magnoliabelle said...

How fun! I've picked up her books a million times, but have never bought them. Thanks for the endorsement...can't wait to read them now!

Denise Hildreth said...

Hey Cami,

Thank you for your kind review. It was wonderful to meet you as well! Look forward to seeing you again.