Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Thanks Sweet Chuck

My buddy Charles tagged me in this fun game called "Tell 10 Random things people don't know about you".

Get excited!!!

1. I am deathly allergic to a LOT of things. Especially cats. Hence forth, I HATE cats. With all that I am. I don't want to break for them when I see them in the road. But, I do. Because I think people would judge me. Or it would hurt baby Jetta.

2. I can drive a stick. And did for a long time. I wish I still did. Should have kept it up. But I sold out. Sometimes hate it.

3. I swam competitivly for years, but was forced to quit because of my lungs having a reaction to the chlorine in the air. I miss it SO often. It was so good for my body.

4. I have a gift called "Ring-dar". I know within seconds of meeting a man whether or not he's wearing a wedding ring. I usually notice with women too- just takes a minute longer.

5. My dream job would be to be a professional Christian speaker. And travel around and speak to women, students, and whomever else. I feel like God has given me an incredible ability to communicate clearly. I have friends who have told me that I need to pursue it, but I wouldn't even know how to start.

6. I have inflamed knee caps. The only thing to fix it is knee replacement. Neat.

7. I hate sports bras. I don't feel like they work. I own 2 or 3, but only wear them about once every two months or so.

8. I have blonde hair. It's mostly natural-- it gets super blonde in the summer, and then looks a little dark in the winter so I highlight it (at home, by my mom, through a cap). And when people tell me I should color my hair dark, I am little annoyed. Because. I. Will. Never. Be. A. Brunette. Ever.

9. I have celebrity crushes. And actually think and plan through what it would be like if I were to meet, date, marry, or whatev them. Only a little embarassed. :)

10. I have a lazy eye. It's not bad, but it does show up when I'm tired or sick. I've thought about having corective surgery, but too many risks-- so who cares :)

Thanks Chuck- love you the most!!!

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