Thursday, January 24, 2008

Meg Cabot

Not sure if you read, but if you do, you should read everything that Meg Cabot has written. Well, except for maybe her weird/sci-fi stuff, unless, of course, you're into that sort of thing.


I love her books. They are super.

She wrote The Princess Diaries series-- which is great. I know it's "YA", but I don't care. They're super. Big fan-- she writes characters that are hilarious and in absurd situations, but are some how believable.

There are some randoms I like-- Teen Idol (YA), Boy Next Door, All American Girl-- All stellar.

However, my current favorite of hers is the Heather Wells series--- Size 12 Isn't Fat, Size 14 Ins't Fat Either, and Big Boned. They are AWESOME. So funny. A little mystery, a little romance, a little washed-up pop star. LOVES it!
I could link you to places to buy these books, but surely you're savvy enough to type in the words and go search for them. I did link to Meg Cabot's website, so that was nice of me :)
Or even better, get your booty off of the couch and go to Barnes and Noble. Trust me on this one, it'll be good for you :)


WSU Laura said...

I love her stuff. Esp the Princess Diaries series and I am almost 40. GASP! But then again I love teeny bopper movies too. No brainers and a fun escape.

elexisb said...

Cami, Thanks for adding my Good Pails to the stuff you love! I'm adding you to my blogroll today!