Sunday, January 20, 2008

27 Dresses!

Oh my word- saw 27 Dresses tonight! It's SO good!! You're gonna love it! Get excited!! Go see it!!

Basic rundown-- Jane (Katherine Heigl) is a super sweet girl who grew up loving weddings, and as an adult has been a bridesmaid TWENTY SEVEN times. Then a super cute boy wants to do an article about her, and so they hang out. And she hates him. But so on and so forth.... standard romantic comedy story line. BUT- another plot is that Jane is in love with her super cute boss- but her perfect sister comes home and "steals" him away from her. So, that's good too!

BUT. One more time, in case you haven't heard me before-- GO SEE IT!!!

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Sasha said...

Well, spill! Cliff Notes version please! It really does look cute.