Wednesday, January 16, 2008

ice cold below zero

It's snowing here in Atlanta!!
And I am annoyed.

I was watching the news earlier-- and, NO LIE, they were talking about the weather for about 25 minutes. Kept going "back outside" to check on the SAME SNOW. It's not sticking. It's not accumulating. It's not below freezing here. It's cold. And it's snowing. It's not much to write home about.

Atlantan's prepare for this:

But get this:

And that'll only be one suburb far far away from where I live.

I mean, yeah, I'm excited. But honestly, calm down before all of your excitement creates heat and melts the snow before they cancel school tomorrow.

Here's my actual PET PEEVE OF LIFE:

When preparing to be snowed in and without power (in Atlanta? puh-lease!), WHY IN THE WORLD would you buy milk, bread, and eggs!??!?!?!?!

Seriously? If the power goes out, the fridge will turn off and the milk will go bad. What do you want eggs for? And if you have an electric stove and the power goes out, you'll just have eggs that you can't eat. And why in the world do you want just bread? I mean, buy some peanut butter or something!

There is no reason why there should be NO eggs, milk, and bread just because it may snow.

Buy some Spaghetti-O's and granola bars. Things that don't go bad- and that don't need electricity to prepare. And some Diet Coke. That's for me. I'm an addict.

And maybe some Reece's Peanut Butter Cups. Because they're delicious.


Sasha said...

Agreed- Reese's PB Cups are the best. I especially like the holiday versions- trees, hearts, etc. Damn, now I'm hungry!

The Wife said...

Amen. I live in hurricane country and if the weather looks rough I make sure I have a minimum of 4 2-liters of Diet Coke on hand. Eggs? Milk? Not so much.