Tuesday, June 24, 2008

a wild and crazy weekend

Thursday (because we're pretending we're in college and the weekend starts on Thursday...)- saw Mac Powell and Mark Lee of Third Day in a benefit concert to help help a couple at my church adopt. So precious. And a killer show!

Friday- Drove to Milledgeville for a friend's wedding. Precious. Went to dinner afterwards at my favorite place in the world, The Brick. Marveled at how Milledgeville has changed so much and so little. Got to see my pal MaryBeth in her new college digs- very swank. (very UN-like my college digs which were tiny and depressing.) saw my fav pal Chachi. good times.

Saturday- drove home. slept. wedding shower for precious friends Andrew and Ellen. a LOVELY dinner party/shower- very nice. Great food. Great friends.

Sunday- sang at church. good times. Target. (duh). baby shower for my BFF Jill who is having a baby boy in a few weeks. had DELICIOUS treats- at my friend Kelly's home- very nice! home again. nap. funeral home- a former student's dad passed away after a long battle with cancer. love this kid. dad was obviously incredible. walk/run. props to me. got blister on right heel. arg.

Monday- slept for a minute. went to funeral for student's dad. very sweet. a family friend of mine gave the eulogy-- so sweet. came home. sat. watched "The Fast and the Furious". tried to run/walk. heels was bleeding. stopped. napped. Laredo's. parent's to help mom with the taxes. home again.
BONUS on Monday night- was flipping channels, saw that Drive-By Truckers were on Conan! Score! Love DBT! You should too!!

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