Friday, June 6, 2008

things I love RIGHT NOW

LOVE this sunscreen- love ALL continuous spray sunscreens. Yes- they do run out more quickly than traditional sunscreen and it's a little pricey. BUT, I feel that the even coverage and the ability to reach those "hard to reach places" makes it TOTALLY worth it

 This blistex is SUPER- I especially love the yellow "Uplifting" one-- it's amazing how silking and smooth my lips feel when I use it! uh-MAZ-ing!Andy Davis is the bomb dot com. His music is a JAM. Check him out at  or ! Be a fan!

Just read this book. INCREDIBLY eye opening for me-- I'm not becoming vegan, but it def made me think about the things I eat.

LOVE my new Blackberry pearl- I don't know how I've survived this long without it. It's changed my life. Love it!!!


Kate said...

I really want that blackberry!

One of my best friends is really into Skinny Bitch. I looked at it and told her it is pretty much a vegan diet. She got all mad at me and said it is SO much more. oh well! ;)

Bone said...

I love the spray on sunblock, too. Three guys at the beach + trying to get sunblock on your back = not a workable combination.

cami said...

good call Bone-- but sometimes you gotta man up in order to not get burned- but PTL for spray sunscreen!