Wednesday, June 25, 2008

catching up on my correspondence

so, I've been going to town on writing letters/cards/thank you notes. 
seriously, just call me Letter-writing Louise. (or Long Legs Louise-- but that's for other things....)

today, I sent mail to:

-thank you note to friends who had me over for a dinner party
-my fav cousin Kaki (but I do have many favs....)
-my friend who's working at a camp all summer.
-4 small group girls
-pal MB who's in summer school in M'vegas

but I love sending mail! mainly because I love receiving mail. And I'm just spreading the love.

so, follow my lead! 
log off the comp- go find a notecard, postcard, piece of notebook paper, whatev-- and send some mail. it make people happy.

P.S.- email doesn't count. sorry. must involve a stamp. which is $0.42 now, btw.

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