Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Boots!

So, my baby sister turned 18 on Friday- pretty crazy. We're almost 10 years apart- and we have the coolest relationship. We're super tight, and incredible friends. And we look VERY MUCH alike- and talk alike. To the point where a I walked into a room where my friend was laying down, and I said something- and she had to sit up and look to see if it was me or my sister.

For her bday, I made her the cutest cupcakes EVER- funfetti cake and strawberry icing with pink sprinkles- precious. And they were delivered on my NEW FAV platter from Cynthia Rowley's Whim line at Target- LOVE IT!

My 18 Favorite things about my sister:
1. She's honest. Sometimes to a fault. But honest.
2. She's a great friend to her friends. Even to the ones who suck. It's never her being a jerk.
3. She acts tough, but she is actually the biggest cry baby in the world. When she gets upset about something, she is sad pants.
4. She laughs really loudly. Sometimes embarassing, but still funny.
5. She's decided to become a vegetarian- and that's been super hard for her- but she's doing SO good at it!
6. In her heart, she's about 12. She loves things that 12 year olds like. As in "Fairly Odd Parents".
7. She reads. Lots. My entire family does- and she's as much of a freak about reading as the rest of us. My entire family would rather read a book than talk to you.
8. When people meet us together, they just stare in awe at how similar we are. One of her friends loves to watch us talk because he says it's like watching someone talk to themselves in a secret language.
9. She speaks in absolutes, but lives in areas of gray. Love that contradiction.
10. She has country tendancies. Drives with windows down, rides in the passenger seat with her feet out of the window, eats sunflower seeds by the gallon, swears at football on TV.
11. As she's gotten older, she's gone through this hippie phase- which can be annoying- but the cool thing about that is that she has developed a kick ass taste in music. She listens to things one should listen to. Love it.
12. Even though she's always rebelled against the traditional preppy fashion sense that I embrace, she has started to learn the love of the monogram. She's still her individual self, but she has learned that the preppy thing is always cute.
13. One of her biggest pet peeves in life is matching someone. Love that she's an individual that way.
14. She'll dance around the pool by herself.
15. She has freakishly small hands, feet, and ears. Like a munchkin.
16. She sleeps with Duckie. A stuffed animal she was given as an infant. If Duckie is missing, we have a small crisis in our home.
17. When she gets an idea, she sticks with it until she completes it.
18. She wears her emotions on her face. You know exactly what she's thinking and feeling just by looking at her.

Love you, AnnieT!


Bone said...

You can't post pictures of delicious cupcakes unless you share.

It's a blog rule :)

cami said...

for you?? anything!! we'll have to make that happen!!

AnneTaylor said...

=) dude, i love you and this. quite hilarious. and duckie missing is not a "small" crisis. it is tears and cuss words.
and this is excrutiatingly true. and my hippie phase isnt annoying!! haha =)