Tuesday, February 6, 2007


Hey friends! And welcome-- I'm a regular blog reader, so I thought I'd try to jump on this blogwagon. I'm sitting at home today, doing nothing- went to the dentist because I lost a filling, but then I found out GREAT NEWS!! I get to have a root canal! Woohoo! kill me. I hate mouth pain. I hate spending money on stupid things like teeth.

So now I'm sitting at my house looking like booty, and watching Entourage. I love Vincent Chase. I'd date him SO fast.

But, back to reality- I'm ready for baseball season! Bring on the Braves! I'm ready. Football is officially over, since the Super Bowl has passed- and basketball makes me want to jump off a bridge- bring on the baseball pants!


Kimberly said...

haha, i'm happy you started a blog i'm laughing already! I do enjoy basketball, but i can not wait until baseball! Go Sox :)

Anonymous said...

I'm on countdown to spring training. Glad to have another daily read. Lets go Mets :)