Thursday, February 8, 2007

100 things about me...

1. I’m a Christian. Like a real one. I love Jesus for real. He’s major important in my life.
2. I love the University of Alabama Crimson Tide.
3. Boys who wear Alabama shirts/hats/etc are automatically cuter to me.
4. I didn’t get my ears pierced until I was 13.
5. I am a moderately severe asthmatic.
6. I love shoes. Especially sandals- more specifically, flip flops. I could wear them everyday.
7. The only TV shoes I watch anymore are cop dramas- CSI, Law and Order, etc. Those- and Friends.
8. I would rather cheer for a team than play for it.
9. I like any live sporting event- even if I know nothing about the teams or the sport.
10. In the fall, you will find me in front of a TV all day on Saturday. I love college football.
11. I like my hands and feet.
12. I don’t like candles, but I wish I did.
13. I live with 3 girls. They’re my favorite.
14. I am the big sister. I have a brother, a sister-in-law, and a sister.
15. I’m deathly allergic to cats. I will go to the hospital if I’m around one for any length of time.
16. I have been in the ER on many Christmas days and eves because of my asthma.
17. I love bags. I have WAY too many.
18. My closet is arranged by color. And sleeve length.
19. I daydream. A lot.
20. I am not a very good manager of my money. It’s one of my biggest flaws.
21. I sing. ALL THE TIME.
22. I have naturally blonde hair. I like it. It’s been natural up until a year or so ago—in the winter, my mom frosts it, like in a cap. It’s awesome. But it looks natural. In the summer, it is WHITE blonde just from the sun- and I LOVE it.
23. My two favorite genres of movies are really dumb girly movies and sports movies.
24. I reread books. I have books that I’ve read 10-15 times.
25. I have a group of best friends from high school called G7. We get together a few times a year to be awesome. Even when I’m mad at them, I love them all.
26. I’m allergic to most plants and hairy animals.
27. You will NEVER see my toes without nail polish.
28. I have a very addictive personality.
29. I lived in China for a semester- and I love to go back every chance I get.
30. My favorite city in the world is Budapest, Hungary.
31. I know my best friend Katy is my best friend because I can sit with her and say nothing and feel like we’ve talked for hours.
32. I drink Diet Coke at a scary rate.
33. My favorite Bible verse has been my fav since I was 15. (1 Corinthians 2:9)
34. I want to go to Prague.
35. I loved high school. But I would NEVER go back.
36. I’d go back to college TODAY.
37. People think I’m crazy.
38. I have quiet moments.
39. I’d rather read than talk to you.
40. I’m way ready to get married, but the idea of kids scares me to death.
41. I love to diagram sentences.
42. I teach middle school. I love them. They make me laugh.
43. I have a tattoo. I regret it.
44. I love music. All of it. My dad raised me on classic rock, so I’m an old soul in a pop music body. I love it all!
45. I don’t like flowers all that much. I mean, I like them enough, but I don’t have a favorite. I just think they’re pretty.
46. I love my parents. I could hang out with them everyday.
47. I wish my parents hadn’t let me quit playing the piano.
48. My all time favorite movie is “The Sandlot”. I could watch it everyday.
49. I have really oily skin that gets SUPER dry in the winter.
50. The two greatest inventions of all time are the iPod and Tivo. No contest. Boo sliced bread.
51. I hate sleeping outside. I do not camp.
52. Football makes me cuss. A lot.
53. I like to dance. All the time. Especially to booty music.
54. I wish I was a good photographer.
55. If heels didn’t hurt my feet, I’d wear them more often.
56. My family is SO funny. I get my sense of humor from them.
57. I love road trips.
58. One of my life goals is to visit all the places in the book “1000 Places to See Before You Die”- I have a LOT to go.
59. I could live at the beach. I love it.
60. I don’t tan very well because I have very fair skin, but I love being in the sun.
61. If I weren’t a teacher, I’d be a full time missionary.
62. I was a life guard for 6 years.
63. I didn’t have a cavity until I was 18. Then I had nine. Kill me.
64. I don’t mind sitting by myself at restaurants.
65. I have 19 first cousins. And another one on the way. And 16 aunts and uncles. I love my big family.
66. Most movies made from books infuriate me. Because they got it ALL wrong.
67. I like to make kissy faces in pictures.
68. The first CD I ever had was New Kids On The Block’s Step by Step. My Uncle Andrew gave it to me for Christmas in 4th or 5th grade.
69. I love Matlock. I’m only a little embarrassed.
70. I drive WAY to fast. I’m a good 15 mph over the limit majority of the time.
71. I’d always rather drive a stick shift. I don’t have one anymore, but I miss it everyday.
72. In the winter, I sleep under an electric blanket on high.
73. I have green eyes, and I love them.
74. I love writing letters. Mainly because I like to receive them, and I like to pass that joy onto others.
75. I quit watching most television shows this past fall- it’s radically changed my thought life.
76. I seriously wish I could marry/date a professional athlete. Preferably baseball or football, but I’m not that picky.
77. I have a freakishly huge head. Hats do not fit my head. It makes me sad because I would love to be that cute girl who wears hats all the time.
78. I hate liars. So much. It’s sometimes worse when you just omit parts of the truth.
79. I don’t always match. Sometimes my outfits are just combinations of things I like.
80. I love museums. I don’t go near enough.
81. My friends and I have this thing called “Fat-ti-ti Harmony”, and we just sing off key. It’s hilarious EVERY TIME.
82. My favorite color is pink.
83. When it comes to the NFL, I don’t cheer for teams. I cheer for individuals- Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Brett Favre, Shaun Alexander, you get the picture.
84. I pop my knuckles all the time. I don’t believe that arthritis crap.
85. I love book stores. I feel like it’s a crime to come out of a book store empty handed.
86. My favorite store is Target.
87. I love to decorate, but I have really expensive taste.
88. I sing to my students. All the time. Usually to answer questions or give directions. If I can think of no song, I make one up.
89. I hate vacuuming. The word even pisses me off because of the two u’s next to each other. Stupid.
90. I fold clothes directly from the dryer.
91. It annoys me when word documents are poorly formatted.
92. There are a lot of songs that remind me of specific times and events.
93. When I’m watching a movie or TV show, I check to see if there’s any trivia or info I need to know about that show/movie or the actors in it.
94. I hate whining. It annoys me when I do it. Then I whine about the fact that I can’t stop whining.
95. I will finish reading a book even if it’s terrible,
96. I love People magazine, and I buy it almost every week. But for some reason, I can’t bring myself to subscribe.
97. I always wear a watch.
98. I have really long toes and fingers.
99. I love wing sauce. On anything. All the time. Yum.
100. I’m very picky about lip gloss. If it’s too sticky or gooey, I am going to wipe it off.


Jonathan & Kari said...

Hi Cami! Thought I'd pay a visit to your blog-world. Looks good, looks good. :)

Anonymous said...

I concur on #31! Love you!!!! Also, #81 made me laugh, out loud and a lot. In fact, I randomly have memories of this come to mind and laugh hysterically to myself. My FAVORITE memories of this is from living with LAJ.... good times.... Love-KT

STL Sarah said...

Great list! I like #1. A lot of people don't realize that Christians can be FUN (and have great taste).

Kristi @ Addicted*2*Decor said...

Wow...I actually read every one of these. Very interesting...and some of them very funny!

Kristi @ Addicted*2*Decor said...
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