Thursday, January 20, 2011

blame it on January

My friend Micah wrote a song a few years ago, and I always liked the line "I blame my problems on January". Because, honestly, I feel like it has to be the worst month ever. (I'm 100% sure that now that I've said this, I'll get married and have all of my children in January.) I will now air my grievances with January.

  1. I don't get paid from December 17th (ish) until the end. of. january. which, by the way, is a VERY LONG MONTH. It is truly the WORST thing about my job.

  2. Football ends. Baseball hasn't started. Sports purgatory. I do not care about basketball. At all. I mean, hooray if Alabama wins, but I just don't care for the sport. And. Don't tell me I can watch the NFL or some other bogus sport that no real people like. I watch college football, Atlanta Braves baseball, and golf tournaments. None of those are happening today. Except on ESPN/CBS classic. Which I watch all of the time this time of year. And don't even me started on how much I hate SportsCenter/PTI/ATH this time of year- all they're trying to do is convince me that these "sports" that I don't like are actually valuable. Liars.

  3. It's freaking freezing. And I am WAY over wearing a coat and not being able to move my arms properly. I feel like a tyrannosaurus rex. and I don't like it.

  4. It's dark before I leave school. No, seriously. Middle school in Cobb gets out at 415, so I normally leave around 5. Which, in January, is dusk. GIVE ME SOME SUN LIGHT. I feel like I'm going to die of a vitamin D deficiency. Or at least, I think it's vitamin D. Right? I don't know. I could google it, but, well, I just don't want to.

I think I'm going to stop there. That's enough complaining for one day.

To combat the negativenancyness of that list, here are some things I love right now:
1. my iPad.
2. White Collar. To be more specific, Neil Caffrey.
3. My cowboy boots.
4. My lunch box.
5. painting


MWD said...
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MWD said...

really sad that I am not #6 on your list.

Sasha said...

What apps do you love on your ipad? I just got one and am installing stuff right and left..... My son and I are loving Tap Zoo- he loves "checking on his animals" at the beginning and end of each day.

cami said...

MWD- you're #6, sorry for the omission

Sasha- use mostly pretty typical stuff: twitter, facebook, wordswithfriends- all of which I also have on my iPhone.
some others that I've loved are Pulse, Evernote, YouVersion's Bible (also on iPhone), CalenGoo