Thursday, September 3, 2009

business cards

I don't use business cards. I'm a teacher. Be serious.
But, I have a friend who has them with her contact info on them- and has them available at open house for parents to pick up. And I've always loved this idea, but wasn't about to actually PAY for them.


I found FREE business cards!
Maybe you already know this?
But it's at

Free business cards! All you have to pay for is shipping (which is pretty reasonable). There's other free stuff- like rubber stamps :)

But they're super cute! And now I'll be super-on-top-of-everything teacher for open house!


April said...

oh yeah. i totally just ordered some like 3 days ago!!! :)

Kell said...

that's a great idea! parents will like the fact that you're accessible - let's just hope they don't take advantage and bug you 24/7 lol.. good deal on the cards though!


~April~ said...

I subbed today for Mrs. Romano and the kids were all like "I like Miss Smith, I miss her. She's nice."

I laughed and told them we went to HS together and then they told me I was old :( LOL.