Monday, July 6, 2009

SG on deck

These are my small group girls.

From left: Caitlin, Bekah, Madelyn, Ariel, and Maggie.

I love them more than life.

I've known them all for different amounts of time- but go all the way back to 7th grade for most of them.
They just graduated from highschool- and will be going to college in the fall. I will miss them more than I can even fathom.

If you pray, can you say one for Madelyn? She was in a terrible car accident early Saturday morning. She's broken her femur and collarbone, has a concussion, and some minor bruises/contusions. She's alive- which is a miracle since she was thrown from the car and pinned against a tree- but her road to recovery is going to be long and painful. Thanks :)

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