Thursday, July 2, 2009

I got robbed.

For reals.

So, I've been moving for the past few weeks- doing a little bit at a time you know. And I was finishing up this week- to be out of my house on Tuesday.


I only had a couch and a table that needed strong men to move- so my brother and his friend Kyle and my uncle Nick came and moved it Monday night. No problem.

I went back Tuesday to get the last few things, meet my friend to give her some things I don't want/need, and to clean.

And the garage door was open.
And the door to the house from the garage was open.
And my dining room table was missing.
And the front door was wide open.

Yeah, so I got robbed.

Luckily, most of our stuff was moved out- but they did get my dining room table (SO STRANGE) and chairs, my friend's triathlon bike, my roommate's bike, my vacuum cleaner, my mom's ladder, 2 coolers, my lawn edger... but saddest of all...


like 30+ necklaces.

I still had them hanging on the hooks because I hadn't been able to decide where I was going to hang them in the new place.
Now I don't have to decide.

I now have 3 necklaces to my names. None of which are "everyday" type deals.

So the only upside is that I have a really good excuse to start buying new necklaces! Any suggestions!

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Bone said...

Oh dear, that's terrible :-/