Wednesday, November 5, 2008

but they were tears of joy

I cried for about 3 hours last night.

but, yall, they were tears of joy. and pride. and anticipation. and excitement.

I cried when the stations started to announce that Obama had won. But didn't REALLY start to cry until I saw it on Fox. Then I was done.

Pulled it together.

Then McCain gave his concession speech. I was impressed, humbled, and inspired by his words. He did a great job. I was annoyed with the disrespect coming from the crowd, but I loved that he graciously silenced them with his words, facial expressions, and gestures. I cried through the whole daggum thing. I love seeing unity when we're supposed to be apart. I LOVED that he said something about how sad it was that Obama's grandmother wasn't here for this- but because of THEIR (his and Obama's) beliefs, they knew she was in a better place, watching it going on. Loved that. Cried. and cried and cried. He is a hero. And our country is a better place because he helps lead and defend her.

Pulled it together.

Then my President-Elect Barack Obama gave his acceptance speech in Grant Park. And well, once again, I was inspired, challenged, and motivated to fight for the change I believe our country needs. I cried through the whole thing. I am ready. He is what I've been wanting. I don't want to be criticized for voting with a party; I want people to be excited about the way our nation leads our world. And I want to be proud to be proud. Today. I am. I am grinning. And tearing up. But proud. Of voters. Of our history. Of the history making events of yesterday. Of our leaders. Of our military. Of the different opinions. I am proud. So proud!

But I am excited. joyous. anticipating. proud.

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Bone said...

Well then, I can only imagine how you reacted around 6:30 PM Saturday night :)