Wednesday, October 22, 2008

a little poofy

So, my straightener broke.
it worked perfectly on Saturday afternoon while getting ready for my cousins' (that's right- two. in. one. night.) weddings.
sunday morning. about to go to church.

straightener will not even turn on. like the light won't even turn on. and it's as cold as ice. mainly because it's been that cold here. but that's not the point.

so, i kicked a ponytail for a few days. which is NOT my best look.... to say the least. the very least.

but today it's down. via the round brush. and it looks ok. most people probably won't even think twice about it.


to me.

I look a little bit like I'm rocking the "Rachel" haircut from Friends. about 13 years too late.

my friend told me that atleast it was a cutting edge "do"..... in 1995.

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Island Girl said...

I just "stumbled" across your blog and I'm so excited! You're the first Bama fan I've found!!!

Roll Tide!