Tuesday, October 28, 2008

just ready for it all to be over

I love America. I love democracy. I love debates. I love elections. I love voting.


I am SO ready for election day to come and, more importantly, GO.

In the last weeks, the election has turned. For the worse. It's gotten dirty. And I don't just mean the Presidential election- the Georgia Senate race is annoying me the most. But, I am OVER IT.

Are there really undecided people out there??? I mean, maybe. But, it's really hard for me to believe that you are slightly educated about either candidate if you are undecided. Obama and McCain are extreme opposites in their basic fundamentals, so how can you still be torn? Maybe I'm being judgemental since I've been decided for a year now- but still. It's hard for me to understand.

The most annoying part to me is that a lot of people's choices are defended by the negatives of the "other guy".


You're only voting for your person because they're better than the alternative? That sucks. Why would you be ok with that???

Last week I was watching Greek. This is a silly ABC Family show about sorority/fraternity life at a small college. It's super.

The point.

One of the characters said this:
"Great politicians are supposed to inspire people, not just be better than the alternative."

That really made me think. A lot.
Why do we vote the way we do? Are we inspired and voting FOR someone? Or are we just voting AGAINST someone?
I really hope that, as a nation, we are FOR stuff. Not just against something.

Are YOU inspired?


TC said...

You're only voting for your person because they're better than the alternative? That sucks. Why would you be ok with that???

1. Yes, it does suck.
2. WHY would I be ok with that? Because I don't see much alternative. I personally think both of this year's top two candidates suck. You can agree or disagree with me on that and I don't care: that's the whole foundation for voting in this country. However, having said that, when no one does inspire me, when I feel like one is more of the same and the other makes promises with absolutely no support to show how they are going to follow through with said promises, what is my other alternative? Writing in Mickey Mouse?

You should be glad that you feel strongly enough about one candidate that you had decided over a year ago who you were voting for - before they held the debates and many of their platform issues came to light.

But that doesn't mean that looking down on people who are choosing - in their minds - "the lesser of two evils" is OK. Instead, maybe you should look at it as "At least they are voting. At least they have paid attention to the issues and are making informed decisions. At least they are taking advantage of a right that so many people have worked hard to give them."

cami said...

Honestly, from my perspective it's more of an attack on the canidates. Why are we ok with the canidates that don't inspire us? Myself in cluded. It sucks.

I guess I should have yelled at every politician in America, "INSPIRE US".

Bone said...

I had grown weary of the whole process, too. I think no matter who the candidate is, almost two years of attacks on anyone is going to remove some of the luster.

But watching the acceptance speech last night, I was more inspired than I have been in a very long time.