Monday, July 7, 2008

killer music you should know

Sometimes there are songs that you just love, but they're not really songs one would hear on the radio-- so unless you open your big mouth and tell other people, no one will ever know about it.
So, today I'm doing my part!

Songs I Love that you may not have heard of:

1. Windfall by SunVolt-- May the wind sweep your troubles away- both feet on the floor, two hands on the wheel- may the wind sweep your troubles away.

2. Baby You're Right by Derek Trucks Band featuring Susan Tedeschi-- I just love this song. Love her voice. Great song to dance to :)

3. You Said by Shane & Shane- This isn't a new song by any stretch, but it's one of those songs that puts the Word of God to melody- and well, it's amazing. Ask and I'll give the nations to you!

4. January by Micah Dalton- I've known Micah since before he played guitar-- and he's turned out to be a pretty good musician. I blame by problems on January.

5. Great Things Take Time by Ed Cash-- I can tell you where I was the first time I heard this song (Mobley Hall at FFA/FHA) and it changed my life. If your destiny is to be carved into a perfect thing, life does not begin until you die to the way you live.

6. On a Night Like This by Dave Barnes- I love this boy. And his voice. He's amazing. New album out. But this song will change your life.

7. Lonely Long Enough by James David Carter- oooohh, Lawd, this boy's voice is ridiculous. this song may make you faint.

8. Brown Eyes by Andy Davis- Saw this guy in concert when he opened for Dave Barnes- so good. This song is supposedly about my roommate (well, she thinks it is)-- you'll like it!

9. Girl America by Mat Kearney- I love everything that Mat Kearney does. Such a jam. Love it.

10. Stars by David Crowder Band- I love this song. I love the words. It's an older jam. But man, oh man- the words bless me every single day.

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magnoliabelle said...

I love "You Said"!!! It holds such good memories for me b/c it was one of our mission trip songs a few years ago when I was a youth leader!