Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Life Changing Announcement

This is the greatest lipstick I have ever used in my whole life.

It's Revlon ColorStay Overtime Lipcolor.
It claims to last for 18 hours, and I will call a penalty flag on that.
HOW-thefreak-EVER. It lasts about 12 hours. Which is RIDIC.
You need to try some. It's everywhere. I have 2 colors. Love love love.


April said...

Correction. You cannot actually remove this lip color before the 12 hours even if you want to! :) I do like it though. It lasted through a 5 mile run....a shower...and a serious scrubbing to try to remove it. haha!

Bone said...

I'll pass, but this reminds me of the time I discovered Mitchum deodorant. Though I try not to test their slogan of "So effective you could skip a day." It's good stuff.

What color do you use? :)

cami said...

April- SO true- I have to SCRUB my lips every night. Weird? Yes, but I just own it.

Bone- You're allowed to pass... this time. I think you're wise to trust Mitchum- and not test that out...

Colors are Stay Current and Berry Reliable :)