Wednesday, April 4, 2007

high heels and flip flops

so, I have this emotional crisis in my life:
high heels or flip flops?

i love heels. one's legs look SO much better. pants look better. dresses look better. make your legs look longer, which is SO good since I'm 5'4''.
but, they hurt my feet. i can wear them for a few hours and I'm fine, but if I have to wear them for a whole day, i'm walking around barefoot before the day's over.
but then I have this whole thought process that if i wear them more often, they won't hurt as much because I'll be used to them.

but they still hurt my feet SO bad.

then, we have flips. cute, fun, summery. but, they do nothing for your body. just make you look short and dumpy.
but i love them. i have plain ones, cute ones, leather, plastic, ribbon, fabric, all sorts-- love them.
until my feet become more durable, i'm gonna just wear flips more often, and suffer with heels when necessary.

gotta love the flips!

but, still a dilemma.


mohairpink said...

Platforms, baby, or wedges. God's answer to stilettos. I have awful feet but in my platforms they always look beautiful and I can walk, like, 4-eva!

suburban prep said...

At 5'9" I usually wear shoes that maybe have 1-2 inch heel at the most. I like the way a heel makes the leg look better too. My disadvantage is that hubby is 5'6"

Jonathan & Kari said...

You're only 5'4"? I thought of you as taller. But from my view, everyone looks tall ;)

Rosy said...

Nice blog....Ya flip flop are really comfortable....they wont hurt your feet...