Sunday, December 4, 2011

Iron Bowl!

Through an INCREDIBLE turn of events, I got to to go to the Iron Bowl with some family friends! They're HUGE Auburn fans, but they were so kind to let me come along! We had wonderful seats, right near the Alabama student section and band. Of course, my friends hated it, but I was DYING of happiness!

At the halftime show, the two bands joined together to play in memory of those who died in the April tornado that cut through north Alabama. They played Amazing Grace- and it was precious.

SO MUCH FUN!!!!! 42-14!!
Is there anything cuter than my puppy in his #3 jersey!? Roll Tide!


Bone said...

On TV, it sure looked like there was a ton of crimson in the stands. Love it.

Roll Tide!

cami said...

There was! Especially where I was sitting! Loved it!