Wednesday, September 14, 2011


You would think I would blog more in the summer when I'm not working, but, alas, I did not. I'm back in the swing of things in school- work up to my eyeballs. But happy doing my job. Today, I am praying for patience and wisdom in dealing with my students. I feel like I have had a VERY short fuse in dealing with them. This group is pretty smart, but they are VERY social. It can be detrimental to them- and my classroom- often.

I want to start blogging again soon. Hopefully this will be now. And for real.


Sasha said...

Hope you have a great school year! My SIL teaches high school science and says her students are very social as well!

Bone said...

Yes, it shouldn't take you suffering physical injury to make you blog :)

Roll Tide!